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Customization by OEM requires low-volume sheet metal fabrication

Schaffer Manufacturing supports a leading U.S. manufacturer of pulse, pulse reverse and direct current (DC) power supplies used primarily for complex, process-critical electroplating applications in industries like semiconductor, aerospace, defense and electronics. In a manufacturing application, a power supply converts alternating current (AC) to DC that is specific to a particular process or operation.  

Schaffer fabricates the sheet metal enclosures – built from highly cosmetic #4 brushed stainless and aluminum – that house the sensitive electronics and software systems that drive a power supply.

Due to the breadth of industries and applications that the OEM supports, Schaffer manufactures enclosures in a wide range of configurations. In any configuration, an enclosure requires vertically-integrated fabrication that provides a range of sheet metal processing options. Depending on the most efficient, cost effective solution for a given enclosure, the operations include: laser cutting, punching, forming, counter-sinking, tapping, hardware insertion, metal finishing, silk screening and powder coating.

In response to the high rate of custom engineering and product development the OEM offers to customers, Schaffer is set up and equipped to fabricate the high-quality enclosures in low-volume quantities and on precisely timed production schedules. Receiving custom-order enclosures on-time from Schaffer, with no quality issues, is critical in keeping the customer's assembly operations and customer deliveries on schedule.  


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