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THREE THINGS a metal fabricator should do to win your next project . . .

Want to set a higher bar for what metal fabrication can do for your supply chain or operations?
Check here for ideas.

Design & Engineering

Up to 80% of manufacturing costs are locked-in during initial design and engineering. Utilizing your fabrication supplier in an R&D role – to improve design and optimize manufacturability – can streamline, simplify and reduce cost from development through delivery.


Top-shelf custom metal fabrication is no commodity. Not every welding, forming or cutting technique is created equal. The right combinations of technology, technique and talent create quality and cost opportunities in every part.

Inventory Management

Raw materials and component parts contribute 30 to 60% of an OEM’s cost-to-produce. Making the supply chain a target-rich environment for supplier-managed inventory. Just-in-time inventory insulates against material price volatility, eliminates carrying cost, and avoids lead-time complications.

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